Monday, August 7, 2017


So my daughter's 11th birthday is approaching and she really wanted the PS4 Undertale Collector's Edition from Fangamer. Anyways I was a bad Mom and missed the first preorders, did manage to get one from the second preorders. This means delivery will not be til December most likely, so I needed to come up with another idea for a birthday present. I decided a buttonmaker would be a great idea, and really it isn't because I kinda of wanted one, well maybe that has some credence. She also loves buttons, something she inherited from me.

So Amazon to the rescue, Morphon 1" Press Button Maker Machine with 1000 piece Button Parts has arrived. Her birthday isn't for another week or so but really I needed to see if it was all there and it worked. Well it works though I think I may order some higher quality button parts. The plastic backs are fine but I have always preferred buttons with the metal backs.

We have been having fun making buttons out of all sorts of images. I knew I picked up those sneak peak comics at Barnes & Noble the other day for a reason. :)

We used the word Smash outta one of them and made a family friend a button, his last name is Mash so it all just comes down to placement sometimes. It has also managed to distract my daughter from YouTube which is always a good thing, she goes through these spurts of watching gaming theory videos. It is nice to see her absorbed in doing something else which doesn't JUST involve her watching a computer screen. She has been sketching designs, playing with photoshop, maybe she will even pull out the Wacom tablet again. I'm always trying to encourage her creative side.

Here is a sampling of some we have created thus far. She drew a Pokemon Ball, Sans and Napstblook(Undertale), Zacharie(Off). She is also creating a series of dinosaurs with different moods for a friend, the idea being that she can wear whichever one best suits her mood that day. I know her friend is gonna love it. It is probably going to get to the stage where everyone we know has been given a button we made special for them, not a bad thing just something else us girls do. Honestly you can never go wrong with the little gift of a button.

One end of my cutting table now looks like this and we have a good stash of button. We both still have some layout tweaks to master but it has been fun and I am relearning some forgotten computer skills.

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