Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Voltron = Leif Garrett

Honestly it does Voltron = Leif Garrett. Or at least it did in my mind this morning while walking my daughter to school. She was talking about Voltron, I vaguely remember the original, probably from Saturday morning cartoons and I have watched a couple of new episodes. Apparently there is a very strong fandom and she has been reading some of the fanfic recently where Lance and Keith are often a couple. She stated that she liked "Klance" better then "Kleith" for their Ship Name. This started my brain to whir and start connecting thoughts.

I obviously like the name "Kleith" better :). From here the name "Kleith" made me think "Leif". Leif, Leif that name was jogging some reference, first I though Ericson the Norse explorer, nope that wasn't the right one. Then it hit me Leif Garrett, American singer, actor etc. 

I remember seeing his picture all over the place in the 70's, when you flipped through the posters at KMart there was always a a few of him. When I was at my cousins, who were older, he was on the wall in their bedroom, or when you were looking at magazines like "Tiger Beat" he would be on the cover. He had a long and erratic career and was often mentioned in celebrity news for his drug use and other legal issues. The image above is how I think of him, he was probably about sixteen or seventeen, he has the sulk, the hair and the pose which was iconic for pop idols then. 

This is how Voltron = Leif Garrett. My daughter didn't get the leap of thought but it makes total sense to me. I then preceded to show her the video for "I Was Made For Dancing"

She still didn't get the leap but understands that my pop culture references do connect in some sort of manner, they kinda of work like "Seven Degrees of Bacon". It may take some time to convince another person of the connection but it can normally be done. Oh I almost forgot Hunk's (another character from Voltron) last name is Garrett :).

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